Veterinary X-Ray & Pet Ultrasound Edmond Oklahoma

Veterinary X-Ray and Pet Ultrasound – Ultrasounds and X-rays are great diagnostic tools for vets and are used to find out what’s going on on the inside of your pets body. We use ultrasound for early detection of diseases such as growths, stones, enlarged organs and cancers.

Why your pet might need a veterinary x-ray or ultrasound

pmc-facility-image8Pet Medical Center of Edmond, Oklahoma, offers radiographs and ultrasound as part of its arsenal of advanced diagnostics. These two forms of imaging can be used together or separately to give us invaluable information about what is going on inside of the body of your pet, dog or cat, without being physically invasive. Radiography allows us to visualize bone, cartilage, foreign objects, and some kinds of tumors. Ultrasound is more useful in seeing inside of the organs and detecting soft tissue pathology such as tumors, liver and gall bladder disease, kidney disease, cancer and other degenerative disease of the organs.

There are certain kinds of kidney and urinary bladder stones that do not show up with x-rays that are very evident with ultrasound. As is commonly known, ultrasound is a very accurate diagnostic tool in determining pregnancy at as early as 18-21 days post conception. Later in the pregnancy, it can be used to monitor the viability of fetuses prior to parturition. Ultrasound can also be used to guide a needle into a diseased organ or a tumor to get a small sample of tissue to help get a diagnosis of the disease that is affecting the patient.

The doctors at Pet Medical Center of Edmond, Oklahoma, have many years of experience with both kinds of imaging that allows them to be able to utilize these diagnostic tools to get the best result possible for our patients and owners.

New Digital Radiography

The Staff at Pet Medical Center is excited to announce a new development—we are going digital!By the end of March, our traditional “film” x-ray machine will be upgraded to a digital unit.We at PMC are dedicated to continual improvement of our professional knowledge and skill sets, and to continual improvement of the medical technology that will allow us to provide better service to our patients and clients.

A few of the benefits of digital radiography include:

  1. A digital machine will allow us to reduce the amount of time needed to x-ray a patient, and therefore reduce stress on the patient.
  2. Digital allows us to change the resolution of the x-ray, which allows us to evaluate heavily muscled bone (like the hip/pelvis/femur) and lightly muscled bone (like the lower limbs) with the same “shot”——–this will save our clients money and decrease radiation exposure to our patients, as we won’t have to take as many extra x-rays.
  3. Digital increases the diagnostic value of the x-ray, as it greatly eases the ability to send the x-ray electronically to radiologists and surgeons for second opinions.

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