Pet Supplies & Food Edmond Oklahoma

Pet Supplies and Food – Our primary focus at Pet Medical Center of Edmond Oklahoma is to promote preventative health for your four-legged pals. In promoting preventative pet care we want to be sure we offer the tools to help our clients be their pets best advocate. To do so we offer a wide array of over-the-counter pet food and pet supplies such as:

Pet Supplies Available at PMC of Edmond:

  • Dog food
  • Shampoos & conditions
  • Dog & cat treats
  • Oral Care treats & products
  • Flea/tick products
  • Heartworm & intestinal parasite products

pmc-facility-image5Pet Food:

Nutrition is a primary component in the preventative aspect of your pet’s health. A healthy diet can contribute to a healthier and longer life. Our primary food supplier is Hills Science Diets & Prescription Diets. We maintain a variety of Prescription & Science Diets in stock regularly at our hospital. If a particular diet is needed and we do not have it in stock at our Edmond clinic we can easily have the diet available within a week. Other pet foods, supplies and diets such as Purina & Royal Canin diets can also be ordered if needed.

Pet Oral Care Supplies:

Oral care is another key component in the longevity of your pets health. We offer a variety of dental chews and treats for both canines & felines. The inventory at our veterinary clinic in Edmond Oklahoma includes;

  • Virbac Hextra Chews for dogs
  • Science Diet Oral Care Treats for dogs
  • Chlorahexadine Water Additive
  • Tartar Control Treats for cats
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush kits for dogs & cats

There are times when a regular pet shampoo is not the best choice for your pets skin. Pet Medical Center offers a range of shampoos to help keep your pets skin & coat healthy.

For any questions regarding the products we have available please contact a client care specialist.

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